Something For Introverts

Something For Introverts

This is for introverts everywhere.
‘I think it is very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.’ – Oscar Wilde



Music by David Ralph

Intro by Zach Lower

I enjoy having time to myself.
It’s not a shy thing or an anti-social thing;
it’s just an introvert thing.

We’re the type who need to be alone, on our own,
Our biggest gripe is to read ‘unknown’ on our phone.
Because it’s like no one understands,
that having bread sticks and Netflix still counts as having plans, I’ll expand…

A plan by definition,
is an intention or decision, that you’ve planned in advance,
and so, if by chance I should answer, that I’m busy all night,
know that binging on a series just might be alright.

We just do what makes us feel good, we’re far from depressed,
we’re actually the opposite, less likely to be stressed.
It takes less to make us happy; we’re ok by ourselves,
because we’re friends with our thoughts, and the books on our shelves.

Just leave us in peace, avoid knocking our doors,
any unexpected guests will get ignored on all fours.

We can be chatty when we want to, just not groups that are large,
as socializing drains us and then we have to recharge.
I mean, we still go to parties, but we keep our friends by our side,
and we’d always head home early if we weren’t waiting for a ride.

Because sometimes it’s tough, and sometimes it hurts,
to live in a world designed for extroverts,
from classrooms to open offices, we don’t see the attraction,
we do all our best work when we’re free from distraction.

We rely on solitude, it’s where we work and we grow,
like so many introverts you might happen to know,

JK Rowling, Dr. Seuss, bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg,
Einstein, Gandhi, the amount is absurd,
so many quiet choices with voices still heard!
Let’s whisper to the rooftops that introvert’s just a word.

So never feel bad when you want to go hide,
as the world may just need what is growing inside,
Taking shelter in our minds is what keeps us alive,
just like turtles need their shells if they want to survive.

We’re not sad or depressed,
we’re happier this way;
we just want to be alone for a while.
And that is OK.

Copyright © 2017 Gary Turk
All Rights Reserved