The biggest mistake women make in dating | why you may have low self esteem

The biggest mistake women make in dating | why you may have low self esteem

The biggest mistake women make in dating
Why you may not feel pretty | The miseducation of women.

Dating mistakes

People forget that I do this. They forget that I talk to and receive feedback from thousands of women a year. Not just through youtube but through my personal business. If I could some up the issue I encounter most I would say it is rejection and abuse battered self esteem.

Many of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met had the lowest self esteem.
Throughout the years of my adulthood I’ve watched woman after woman lose confidence or start thinking she’s not good enough because the men she chooses don’t choose her. Or choose to be good to her. Dating mistakes

Your self esteem is predicated on your experiences. If you don’t protect your self esteem by intentionally managing your experiences inner peace can be a hard thing to grasp. Some women are actively mismanaging their experiences by overvaluing
elusive men while underestimating or disregarding more available ones.

If you love challenge but all you’ve experienced is rejection then why would your self esteem be high? How could it be high? For far too many women, the prerequisite for liking a man is the potential of him getting away. The uncertainty he brings. Or A challenge. When the potential for rejection isn’t present many women grow bored. They chase emotionally unavailable men and try to change their minds about love. When that doesn’t work they internalize the rejection.

Now back to self esteem.

For many it’s all they respond to.
Uncertainty is their drug of choice. How can anyone achieve high self esteem if they through their decisions and subsequent experiences only gather feedback that breeds in them inadequacy…..