The Dating Game: Is it Unfair? Do Women Have it Easier?

The Dating Game: Is it Unfair? Do Women Have it Easier?

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Back From Santa Monica and more motivated as ever, this topic has been swirling around my brain for too long and have been purposely holding it off until I asked enough people on both the girl and guy sides about what they feel is unfair in the dating game. I was pretty happy to hear my little bro science theories were agreed with consistently and also had some good redefined ideas from others.

This post isn’t meant to be an attack on women that’s not where I ever come from but more of an objective approach to figure out what the realities are and how to work your way around those walls. If you’re a guy struggling to get laid, seeing others not having the same problem can really make you feel a little bitter, that was me. Personally I put that blame on a sexless and lonely life onto women and had this entitled view like “when is it my turn to play” (very childish I know). Thankfully that mindset didn’t last very long but from that point on I started my journey to figure out just how to manipulate this dating game and it’s low odds into my favor.
This one is a bit longer then the norm but so worth it trust me I put a lot of work into this one.

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