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A lot of foreign men have dreams to have a romantic relationship with Thai women, which could lead to marriage. Western men may be used to dating western women, but it is a whole different ball game with Thai women. As there are many cultural differences, language barriers, and behavioral differences that western men have to know about and understand.

The internet and blogs have not done much justice in projecting Thai women in a positive light. There is a lingering impression that Thai women are not good enough for a relationship, the assumption that they are greedy, and only after the men’s money. This negative stereotype is because of the experience that some men have had with a few bad Thai women. However, this impression does not hold for all Thai women in general. Do not forget, there are scores of western men who came to Thailand and treated Thai women like dirt.

For a man to have a successful relationship with a Thai woman, he has to meet the right one for him. This is more like a general rule for every woman around the world. That is the top secret of having a successful relationship with a Thai woman and every other woman on earth. She just has to be right for you.

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