The secret to being taken seriously | Don’t chase men

The secret to being taken seriously | Don’t chase men

In new relationships the excitement of it all tends to cloud our judgement. In mapping out our fantasies of love with a person we want we tend to abandon the priority of our own self interest. We don’t do a cost benefit or risk vs reward analysis. In our desperation we take on a by any means necessary type of approach to getting our crush.

The lack of pride in ourselves that we show when we have chosen to chase a person does one of three things. Contrary to a more simple explanation someone may give of because it makes you look stupid. You don’t chase guys because it ultimately does one of three things

1. It makes them run faster. Not interested in the easy catch. Dismissal and rejection. The best case scenario if you ask me.
2. It exposes our lack of self preservation to users who will dangle rejection to take control of us snd manipulate us.
3. Or three, it leads to the relationship we wanted so badly but creates a toxic subservient one sided relationship that ultimately makes us feel drained and used up.

Chasing men attracts unhealthy minds that will seek to control you! No health man wants to rule over a woman. And if it becomes obvious that in chasing a relationship you’re not willing to walk away you’re begging to be ruled.

Confidence is often sited as the most attractive attributes that a man can display.
Women love a man who’s speaks up. Who believes in himself. Not only when he approaches her but in general. An alpha man who doesn’t cower at her rejection. To crave that is not just feminine nature. It’s human nature. Healthy human nature.

Women are measuring confidence and self belief from the time a man approaches them.
Men like it too!
However men measure your confidence and self belief by how you let them treat you!

A man will only take you seriously if he has to respect your mind and opinions. If he doesn’t care what you think then he likely won’t care about you. No healthy relationship starts with a disregard for a woman’s mindset or sensibilities. Or a disregard for her time or efforts to talk or link up. Just like how women grow bored with nice guys, men grow bored with doormat women desperate for their approval. Nice women also finish last with guys they don’t require anything from or set standards for. The only guys that get scared away by a woman standing up for herself, having standards, or refusing a first date on his couch are guys who planed on treating you like crap in the first place. Don’t be like the guy that getaways stuck in your friend zone kissing a mans ass to make him like you……