Tim The Ideas Guy Personal Profile

Tim The Ideas Guy Personal Profile

Who’s Tim? Does He Really Have Any Idea?

Fair questions indeed.

Well, I guess the answer to the latter will lie in the quality of the thinking I generate for your business. However, to remove all risk on your behalf, all my services come with a 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee.

To put your mind further at rest, I have over 20-years of extensive and diverse experience in Marketing Communications. Such experience has taught me the following truths that are the inspiration for my own business.

INNOVATION BEATS ADVERTISING. Decades ago you could build a business on the back of a great ad campaign. No longer. Consumers are smarter. Advertising is horrendously expensive. And alternatives abound. As someone insightful soul once said, “The best advertisement is a great product (or service).”

CREATE DON’T COMPETE. Too many businesses try to keep up with their competition. This results in a whole lot of ‘me too’ businesses that find themselves competing on price and constantly increasing their marketing spend. Now that’s a tough way to make a buck. Successful companies tell their own story and create their own opportunities.

CHALLENGE YOUR CATEGORY. Look around and see what other companies are doing in completely unrelated fields.

THAT ELUSIVE KILLER IDEA MAY BE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR NOSE. The day-to-day mayhem of business often means that opportunities are missed. When was the last time you asked your receptionist what changes they would make if they were running the show? Try it…you’d be amazed at the answers.