Tips on Learning Thai from an Indonesian + real conversation (impromptu)

Tips on Learning Thai from an Indonesian + real conversation (impromptu)

Dea Bernadette D. Suselo shares with Sarah how she has mastered her Thai while also talking about her experience of the language learning.

**For those who can read the Thai script, turn off English Canada CC for transliteration (set by default)
คนไทยกดซับอังกฤษได้เลยค่ะ English CC จ้า

0:45 Her first impression on the Thai language, compared to Bahasa
1:06 Why she learned Thai
1:40 Thai Lakorn/how it helped her
2:08 Old-fashioned pronouns for I & You ข้า & เจ้า
3:00 How long it took for her to speak Thai
3:30 How she distinguished tones
3:54 What is the hardest about Thai?
4:28 Google typing
4:43 Does dating Thai guys help?
5:08 Most confusing words (near VS far)
5:47 Dea said she never really studied Thai from the Thai script.
6:36 Dea shared about her parents’ experience in getting confused with the words ‘fork’ and ‘oranges’ in Thai (ส้อม VS ส้ม)
7:32 Some more confusing words: ‘Duck,’ ‘spicy,’ and ‘8’ in Thai (เป็ด, เผ็ด, แปด)
7:43 Sarah explains unaspirated P in Thai (ป ปลา)
8:05 Real conversation + slower speed & explanation

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