Top 10 Mind Games Men Play with Single Women – Deborrah Cooper

Top 10 Mind Games Men Play with Single Women – Deborrah Cooper

If you think your man doesn’t play games, you’re dumb. Men of all ages play games with women’s minds for myriad reasons…sometimes to test you because they’re scared after having been hurt before. But for the most part, they play games with your head and heart for no reason other than they can.

What you have to learn is (1) how to recognize when a game is being run; and (2) how to handle his games with skill so you win.

In this video I break down 10 common relationship mind games men play, sharing with you what their goal is, how most of you respond, and how you SHOULD respond to come out on top.

(1) The HO Test: How and Why Men Test Your Values and Morals

(2) WHAT TEENS WANT – a Survey for Women and Girls

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