We Planned A Fun Halloween Date Night at Home in 24 hours!

We Planned A Fun Halloween Date Night at Home in 24 hours!

For this video we gave ourselves 24 hours to plan a fun Halloween date night at home! We hope you enjoy our cheap date ideas and tips.

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**Our Top 10 Halloween Movies:
– Saw (All of them)
– The Exorcist
– The Exorcism of Emily Rose
– The Conjuring
– Capser (Haha!! Told you it would make the cut)
– Silence of The Lambs
– Drag Me To Hell
– Nightmare on Elm Street
– It
– The Grudge

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Happy dating!!

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We were looking for some fun and cheap Halloween ideas. So the first thing that we thought of was to do a Halloween date night at home. We thought 24 hours would be more than enough time, but boy were we wrong! Regardless, it was one of our higher ranking cheap date ideas. We spent next to nothing on the our date night and it still turned out to be amazing and one of our favorite fun things to do for couples on Halloween.

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