Whining Men Upset Women Give it Up to Tyrone 'Nem and Reject "Nice Guys"

Whining Men Upset Women Give it Up to Tyrone 'Nem and Reject "Nice Guys"

An unscheduled rant which responds to a channel visitor’s ridiculous and whining soliloquy expressing his frustration that women would DARE to have standards for some men that they don’t have for others… specifically that these women let Chad, Pookie orTyrone hit it while nice guys Dexter, Charles and Trevor had to wait 6 months or longer for their turn with the coochie.

In his mind not choosing nice guys to sleep with (the ones that are willing to wait) is the reason that women have bad relationships, and that women’s body count is the reason that men don’t want to commit to them and “share our resources.”

In his silly little mind you are in pain because you choose the wrong men to sleep with. As if that is all that a relationship is based on.

Advice columnist Deb Cooper explains to him that the true reason you are shunned is because you are ugly, dress funny, have jacked up teeth and a seriously undesirable personality that relegates you to the reject pile. Women know within seconds if they would ever sleep with a man, so no matter how long you wait and how many dinners you buy, if she is not into you that won’t change. Stop chasing a dream that isn’t for you, and go on over there to the woman that is in the 3-5 range that matches you, and you MIGHT have some success with women.

Wanting something and thinking you are “a good man” does not entitle you to the women you want. No matter how much you whine and complain you aren’t attractive to her and you just have to learn how to take that L like a man and go on with your life!

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