Why Wait To Date – Tools for Teens – Relationship Advice for goal oriented people.

Why Wait To Date – Tools for Teens – Relationship Advice for goal oriented people.

There are many very good reasons for teens or college students (or even adults) to put off dating until a later point in life when you are less busy or when you have accomplished certain goals.

Relationships can be a distraction from focusing on accomplishing tasks or goals. Especially taking into account how many people are self centered and playing games.

Imagine trying to prepare for SAT or Law School, or Final Exam or The Bar and your spouse is pretending that he or she is being neglected and threatens you for time or attention.

Supposed you are that single mother in the hood struggling to get out plus be a good parent to your child and you get involved with some clown who only wants to use you for sex.

When will you focus on applying yourself to get out of the hood if your spending time trying to make a self centered sex partner stick around just so you can pretend you have a “man”.

Often times as teens or adults dating can be a stumbling block to reaching the goals we have for our futures.

Putting off dating for just a short period could be the difference between living your dream at a young age or never seeing your dream manifest.


Because dating prematurely can lead to many other directions away from the steps needed to reach your dreams.

Early Pregnancy
Domestic Drama
Stress, etc

All of these things could negatively impact your focus or when followed by other decisions afterward could throw a person completely off track.

So if you decide to date despite your current ambitions, think carefully about who you allow to be the lucky person to spend time with such a lucky catch. You are special make sure he or she will treat you that way.